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Idiom of the week 5

Do you know the expression “hold one’s tongue”? It means not to speak even though you feel like doing so.It is important in Japanese society to keep group harmony.


Even though you have a strong opinion, you should hold your tongue until the proper moment.


Idiom of the week 3

Do you know the expression “be in the mood for”?
It means to “feel like doing….”
For instance, “Are you in the mood for some sushi?” -or
a) Would you like to go to a movie?
b) No, thanks. I’m not in the mood for it today.
Let’s have fun using different English expressions. Have a good weekend!!

Idiom of the week 2

The idiom “hands down” means “clearly”(明らかに) or “an easy victory”(楽勝, 努力しないで).

He is hands down the best student in the class.
They won the game hands down.
It is hands down the most delicious pizza in town.

See you!! Have a good weekend..

Idiom of the week

Do you know the idiom “do the trick”? It means to work (効く) or be the solution(解決になる).

An often used expression is “that should do the trick”,  meaning that it will be the solution.