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TOEIC hint of the week no. 39

On part 4 of the new test, which will start on May 29, there will be a simple graphic on some problems, as in part 3. We need to be aware of the information both in the listening and on the graph. It will give an added dimension to the test, making it more difficult in some cases.

Happy studying!!

TOEIC hint of the week no. 38

This week, we’ll look at another difference in the new, upcoming TOEIC test style which will debut on May 29. Part 3 in the new test will have more questions than before. Included in some are a simple graphic, such as a price list or schedule, etc. We have to look at these and listen in order to answer some questions.

TOEIC hint of the week no. 37

Starting in May 2016, the TOEIC test will change in some ways. On part 7, one notable difference is that there will be multiple passages. This means that there will not only be double passages, but even 3 (or more)! This makes things even more complicated. It’s good to know what the passages are. Is it an e-mail, and advertisement, notice, etc. As before, look at the questions first. And be aware that the answers may be in unexpected areas! Happy studying!

TOEIC hint of the week no. 36

Part 6 is similar to part 5 in that there are blanks to fill in. In some cases you can choose the correct answer by looking just before and after the blank. But in some cases you need to know the word with the correct meaning, which can only be understood by grasping the entire content. In that case,  go back and read everything as necessary.

TOEIC hint of the week no. 34

Part 4 is a short talk given by one person. The situation is explained briefly before the listening. It’s important to grasp what the situation is. Is it a speech, announcement, advertisement, telephone message?, etc. As in part 3, look at the questions in the brief time before the listening

TOEIC hint of the week no. 30

How has your TOEIC studying been going? We’ll take a look at part  7 this week. It’s reading comprehension and it’s the last part of the test, so most people run out of time. One way to prepare is to get used to the different types of formats used. Is it an announcement, an e-mail, a graph, or a menu, etc. Get used to the different formats so that you can take the information quickly. Happy studying!