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TOEIC hint of the week no. 18

There are some problems which can be solved by just looking before and after that blank space. (空所の前後たけ読めばわかる問題がある!) For instance, (A) who, (B) which (C) whose (D) whom. Or, (A) decide (B) decidedly (C) decision (D) decisive.

TOEIC hint of the week no. 16

Do you have enough time to do all of the reading problems on the TOEIC test?time crunch

Everybody says no! So most likely, you don’t either.

One good strategy is to put off doing the problems which seem too difficult until the end when there is time, and do the problems you have confidence with quickly. See if that doesn’t help you!!

TOEIC hint of the week no. 15

Be careful of traps in listening that have similar sounding words. For instance in the following,

a. There is a box on the table.

b. There are some books on the table.

Box and books sounds similar, don’t you think?

In this case, you have to know the difference between singular and plural, as well as knowing the meaning of the words.

Happy studying!

TOEIC hint of the week no. 13

listening2Listen a little everyday to something that has a script (words that you can look at) .

After listening many times and getting a rough idea of what is being said, check the script to see what parts you didn’t catch, then look up new words. Then listen again!

TOEIC hint of the week no. 12

Study how to use prepositions (前置詞). For instance–As the meeting had become late, the man had to rush to the hospital________ a taxi.
a) by
b) in
c) on
d) from

Which answer do you choose? Let’s look at the correct answer next week.

See you

TOEIC hint of the week no. 11

whereIn part 4 of  the listening section (short talks), try to grasp the type of talk and situation. Is it a business report, announcement in a store or factory, or is it a part of a speech? Or perhaps it may be an advertisement or telephone message,etc.